Posted by thefarmersson on March 5, 2013 
The reason for the short stop is just down the road at a farm where my family and I were set up to photograph her, a whole heard of angus cattle decided to get out of the pasture that they were in and get on the tracks. I called EMS and the operator couldn't believe what I was telling her. I also told her that a train was due any moment. Of all days not to have the NS's emergency number in my wallet. Still when old 630 got back up to speed, we got some great shots and to catch her with the snow flurries at the same time was great too. Thanks for posting this. NS had just finished up laying some new rail down in Valley Head , just 2 weeks prior to this excursion.
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 5, 2013 
Nice three quarter shot! This impressive angle conveys a sense of speed and power. Good job!
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