Posted by Scott Marsh on April 14, 2013 
Strange made a by safety comity. Nice light and photo.
Posted by Rich Brown on April 14, 2013 
WOW, not only is this thing UGLY, but with all tose flat verttical surfaces, the aerodynamics must be terrible. There is no doubt in my mind that this cab end COULD have been designed in a much sleeker and more visually appealing way and still met the crashworthiness and other specified standards. The public's perception of a machine or conveyance depends a great deal on its VISUAL impact. Sorry guys, you need to go back to the CAD screen.
Posted by Jez Smith on April 14, 2013 
Oh, that's just ugly. Are they letting 5-year old kids design trains now?
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 14, 2013 
I can't believe this was accepted by RP. Bad motive, if I ever saw one. Cool sky, though.
Posted by KWestRail on April 14, 2013 
Its Homer Simpson's Limo, and I think a 5-year can do a better design than this hideous thing. What an embarrassment to Modern Passenger Railroading in the US.
Posted by sirmartinfrobisher on April 15, 2013 
The leading Double-Deckers totally upset the aerodynamics
Posted by Paul Flaherty on April 15, 2013 
Check out what looks like a single axle per coach.. very unusual
Posted by Andrew on April 15, 2013 
How on earth did this design pass. Of course, no problem, it also has a maximum speed of about 20 m.p.h. and takes one minute to get there. Hence aerodynamics do not matter. What is at the other end, it does not seem to be the same shape, it looks as though it has two power cars at the rear. Come on guys, Japanese bullet trains, French TGVs, German ICEs and British HSTs to name but a few to help and this appears. "Homer had a comity to help him!"
Posted by C Davis on April 15, 2013 
It appears that each coach is on a singe axle.
Posted by Reed Skyllingstad on April 15, 2013 
Every Amtrak Cascades Talgo set has one axle per coach. You have to remember this is a tilting train with air support in between cars. The set is also extremely light compared to usual passenger trains in order to accelerate quickly.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on April 15, 2013 
Here you see, ladies and gentlemen what happens when government committees design a sleek, futuristic train. "A camel is a horse designed by a committee." Truer words wee never spoken.
Posted by Anto on April 17, 2013 
Funniest face ever & ever
Posted by tsched on April 21, 2013 
It isn't an attractive locomotive but it doesn't have anything to do with government committees. Geez, not everything is politically motivated. And the articulated trainsets are nothing new. Talgo trains can travel faster.
Posted by T.Mitchell on April 21, 2013 
As far as an aerodynamically designed locomotive goes, has anyone here seen an SD70ACe or ES44AC? If you want to talk about flat, non aero-dynamic shapes, look no further than any locomotive currently in domestic freight service.
Posted by Wayne Hudak on June 7, 2013 
Those "double deckers" at the other end appear to be Amtrak locos powering this movement.
Posted by L1011driver on June 22, 2013 
lol I guess this thing can take some heat off of those Rotem cabcars. They aren't so ugly when compared to that thing!
Posted by didupeeontherug on August 13, 2013 
With a face like that somebody needs to put a bag over it.
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