Posted by E.M. Bell, on December 21, 2003 
This has to be one of the best uses of backlighitng I have ever seen....simply awesome!! the same shot in perfect sun wouldnt be the same!!
Posted by Chris Nevard on December 25, 2003 
Thomas, great use of light (perfect exposure) and a long lens composition! Jealous? - yes I am! Cheers Chris N.
Posted by Dave Kerr on December 25, 2003 
A fantastic photo, Tom. Dave
Posted by Robert Benkovitz on January 5, 2004 
Spectacular, Tom - excellent job. Most photographers would have been on their way home by this time of day - I'm sure it was pretty cold up there on the bridge!! A slight critique: seems like it needs to be rotated about 1 degree CCW.
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