Posted by Chuggalugg45 on May 6, 2013 
Wow...the CIND, and I&O are now together in the G&W network!
Posted by David Rohdenburg on May 26, 2013 
I&O and CIND have been owned by the same company since RailTex bought the CIND in 1998. For a long time, the CIND looked like a division of the I&O, because all the power with CIND lettering had been retired, and they used I&O power. That changed when the Honda plant in Greensburg, Indiana opened, and RailAmerica painted up three GP50's in RA colors with CIND lettering for that service. Those have since been repainted into G&W colors for other operations, but the 2 gensets in G&W colors have CIND lettering and logos. CIND's operations are still integrated with the I&O.
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