Posted by Troy Staten on May 13, 2013 
Beautiful rail car. Thanks for posting the picture.
Posted by Eric Williams on May 14, 2013 
This series of cars designed by the Milwaukee Road was the benchmark for all other observation cars. Great shot with superb light and the addition of the headlight!
Posted by Jeff Terry on May 14, 2013 
Unreal. Excellent job as usual.
Posted by Dave Schauer on May 14, 2013 
Agree with Jeff, great angle and eye for the unusual Dan.
Posted by captain_canuck on May 14, 2013 
Back to a simpler time! What a way to travel! Love the art deco feel!
Posted by on May 14, 2013 
Somebody bumped into the lamp on the left?
Posted by AZ Mike on May 14, 2013 
Truly the most beautiful observation car yet built. Too bad it's original owner wasn't still around as well.
Posted by Scott Marsh on May 14, 2013 
Mad and greedy that I didn't head up, Nice shot!!!! PCA
Posted by Chris Egghart on May 14, 2013 
Bravo! You could not have captured the car's design and feel any better! Great shot!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 14, 2013 
Nicely captured and processed - like an HDR but backed off just enough to make it work.
Posted by Trainz35 on May 14, 2013 
This is amazing!
Posted by Colin Buckowski on May 14, 2013 
More Luxurious than i could have imagined, and the fact that i could ride in this car behind a beautiful alco 4-8-4 is amazing. Breathtaking photo.
Posted by Doug Foust on May 14, 2013 
Class personified!
Posted by Blair Kooistra on May 14, 2013 
Spectacular post-war optimistic design! Perhaps the finest observation car of all time. And a beautiful image as well.
Posted by Kurt Wayne on May 14, 2013 
A former Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific employee my wife worked with (who despite becoming an executive with a well known company in a different industry was still fond of his younger, railroading days) told me this line was mockingly known by employees in its last years as the "Cheap, Miserable, Slow to Pay and Poor". You'd never know it by looking at this, though.
Posted by Michael Demers on May 16, 2013 
Somebody bumped into the lamp on the left?
Posted by ME Rail Road on May 29, 2013 
The luxury in all its magnificence
Posted by Tom Gorton on June 1, 2013 
My living room should look this good!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on June 27, 2013 
Simply splendid....what a work of art...both the photo and the car!
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