Posted by Matt Wiles on May 27, 2013 
What's the story on this?
Posted by Mike Bates on May 27, 2013 
This locomotive had been sitting at the age of steam museum in Dallas since 1965. Yesterday it was moved 55 miles to it's new home at the museum of the American railroad in Frisco, TX.
Posted by AtlantaRails on May 27, 2013 
Wouldn't it be nice if it could be returned to service and someday it and Southern 4501 could double head!
Posted by David Wheeler on May 27, 2013 
Now that would be cool. Steam DPU.
Posted by bigdee on May 27, 2013 
This would be a Steam Superstar if this engine was operable. Like that of 261 or 844.
Posted by David Hawkins on May 28, 2013 
Nice shot Mike!
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