Posted by Allan Johnson on June 21, 2013 
The Piedmont trains were # 5 & 6.
Posted by Wharton Separk on June 21, 2013 
Wonderful shot, Bob ... truly a classic. That third unit appears to be an Alco with a higher long hood. Might that have been Carolina & Northwestern RS11 #11 in the consist that day?
Posted by Marty Bernard on June 22, 2013 
Bob, you posted a lot of great pictures Southern steam and diesel today but Alcos on thew front of the Piedmont takes the cake. Did it have a lot of TOFC on the rear that day?
Posted by on June 22, 2013 
Two Southern trains, the Piedmont and the Peach Queen, were regularly used to ferry the road's Alco locomotives to Atlanta for their monthly inspections. And yes, that third unit can only be Carolina & Northwestern RS-11, number 11.
Posted by Ron Flanary on June 22, 2013 
Great shot! The Peach Queen and the Piedmont were basically the same train. The old Peach Queen (29) morphed into number 5, the Piedmont, about 1970 as I recall. The Southern Crescent was also a renumbering of the Southerner (47-48) and what was left of the Crescent (37-38). I photographed 29 at Atlanta in the mid-'60s with a bunch of Alcos and F-units on the point of two E7s, which brought the train down from DC. This was the way power was ferried back and forth to Peagram Shop in Atlanta for inspections and other maintenance.
Posted by David Deal on March 1, 2020 
I can remember when # 11 used to come by my house near Hickory, NC back in the late '50's & early '60's. What a sound those Alco's made !
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