Posted by Anto on July 4, 2013 
I agree if this image become Photo of The Week, interesting
Posted by David Ellison on July 5, 2013 
I cry many a tear if these locomotives are scrapped. :(
Posted by Rangachari Anand on July 5, 2013 
Whats that strange looking locomotive on the left side track in the distance?
Posted by Tom Gorton on July 5, 2013 
My comment....same as Mr. Anand's. Looks like a bay window. What is it?
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on July 5, 2013 
The strange thing on the left I would venture to say is a Jordan Spreader. A Jordan Spreader is a MOW (Maintenance Of Way) vehicle and is used for spreading ballast, earth or snow. It cannot move under it's own power.
Posted by K100DS on July 5, 2013 
Unfortunate to see these rotting away. I was hoping M&E would rebuild them and send them to their Maine subsidiary, Maine Eastern.
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