Posted by Thomas Seiler on August 2, 2013 
That is indeed one awesome shot! Nice to see this train is still out running.
Posted by Jeff Youst on August 2, 2013 
Really, really nice. Any plans to get this same shot with the Fall Season in all it's colorful regalia? That would make a very nice poster type display...a picture of all 4 seasons at their peak...Nothing like that here in Indiana! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Tom Gorton on August 3, 2013 
British Columbia is without doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. photos deliver that to us with great frequency. I guess we have trains to thank for that.
Posted by Jim Thias on August 3, 2013 
Absolutely gorgeous.
Posted by David Honan on August 7, 2013 
Fantastic photo, Matthew! The Windermere Sub truly is a paradise for railroad photographers and one of my favorite places to visit; you've truly captured the essence of the line with this shot. Congrats on POTW!
Posted by R.K. Dazet on August 7, 2013 
Its a beauty! Great composition. Having nice cloud formations is always a matter a luck and it certainly was with you for this shot! Only one nit -- that blue in the sky looks a bit odd to my eye- or maybe just my monitor! But the photo has great tonality and texture.shapes -- lots of contrasts in those. I like it a lot!
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on August 7, 2013 
Congrats for POTW, this shot is the best I've seen, a paradise rail!
Posted by Colin Buckowski on August 7, 2013 
Next best thing besides the Royal Hudson! Fantastic shot!
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