Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 18, 2013 
Where's the left page? : )
Posted by Ron Flanary on August 18, 2013 
Why would you need the "left page"?
Posted by Tony King on August 19, 2013 
That's speed and power!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on August 19, 2013 
Drop dead friggin' gorgeous! Robert Hale would be jealous. I know I am. (I also know I do not have to explain who Robert Hale is to you Ron!)
Posted by Kurt Lawson on August 20, 2013 
Now that's a display of power!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on August 20, 2013 
Another winner of a pan shot Ron.
Posted by bigdee on August 29, 2013 
This was once the most powerful excursion locomotive in the world. It had slightly more traction pull then even the UP challenger number 3985.
Posted by Al Lindner on April 15, 2017 
Posted by Al Lindner on April 15, 2017 
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