Posted by David Benn on September 1, 2013 
Kevin, this is great night photography.
Posted by KWestRail on September 1, 2013 
Behold UP's upcoming counter-project to the Big Boy, hint hint! Ok not really but still, a Big Blow on the rails again!
Posted by on September 2, 2013 
Union Pacific should reaquire No 18 & get back out on the mainline again where she belongs along with 4-12-2 3 Cylinder Steamer No 9000.
Posted by Ringo Clark on September 2, 2013 
I'd LOVE to see a restored and operational Turbine in UP's Historic Locomotive Fleet ! Could you imagine it screaming its way thru the wide open spaces of Wyoming ? !!!
Posted by David Henry on September 17, 2014 
As a Wyoming resident, I would really love to see #18 come for a visit to Sherman Hill.
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