Posted by Jez Smith on September 2, 2013 
The caption is rather confusing. Please elaborate. What is Cape Fear railways?
Posted by Deval Dragon on September 3, 2013 
Fort Bragg has contracted the Cape Fear railways to switch the Fort Bragg and Pope AFB, located next door. They use Army locomotives but Cape Fear Railway crews. It's more or less a paper railroad.
Posted by SSG BOYD on September 1, 2014 
I was at Ft Bragg from 2011-2014. CFR is still there and now operates 3 Loco's. a GP9, USAX 4626 and 2 GENSETS, USAX 6508 & 6515. The switch all the DOD flatcars when they load up unit trains heading out to Train and they still service Pope AFB with Fuel as needed or water to flush the unused tanks to keep them ruinning
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