Posted by Ethan Hoffman on November 29, 2013 
I go near that place every day to go...somewhere, and I never knew where the tracks led. thanks!
Posted by Kibu on August 4, 2014 
I can't quite put my finger on it, but something seems different about the cab of this locomotive. It may just be the perspective, but it seems that the cab is larger than the typical SW cab.
Posted by David Stewart on August 5, 2014 
The cab may be a little bit longer than that of the typical SW1001, I'm not sure on the dimensions. The side windows are a custom design and larger style on these AK units which gives them an odd look.
Posted by Kibu on August 21, 2014 
Looking at this again, I think I see why the engine seems different, and perhaps why its cab looks larger than usual. It's the angle. Due to the angle you photographed it at, the slope down where the cab front meets the hood isn't really visible. So the angle makes it seem like it lacks the slope. Granted, the slope is very slight on the SW1001's to begin with, but without it it just makes the thing look different.
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