Posted by Chris Zygmunt on October 5, 2013 
A railfan's paradise. What else could you ask for?
Posted by Eric Williams on October 5, 2013 
Those are shoes that I would like to fill right now! Nice!
Posted by Nick McLean on October 5, 2013 
Words cannot express my jealousy. PC voted nonetheless.
Posted by Kyle Yunker on October 6, 2013 
Looks like you're livin the dream Mike, or a least my dream!
Posted by Carl Massart on October 6, 2013 
Ahh, nothing like a Moose Drool to brighten the day!
Posted by AL KUNOLD on October 6, 2013 
Nice shot mike . Who's behind the feet ? Al BNSF
Posted by Laird Barber on October 6, 2013 
Nice entertainment while you relax and catch up on your fishing. Priceless!
Posted by Steve Patterson on October 6, 2013 
Very good, Mike!!
Posted by Tom on October 10, 2013 
I agree- great shot and it looks to be so enjoyable. (Did the train crew see or acknowledge you ??. I would think they would be the truly envious ones.)
Posted by Jim Thias on October 10, 2013 
I agree with Carl, Moose Drool is the perfect brew for a scene like this. And from a big Keen fan, nice boots!
Posted by Greg MacLeod on October 11, 2013 
Perfect. Train, mountains, Keens, pond, beer, fire... Perfect
Posted by huebi on October 11, 2013 
"Moose Drool", I think to learn some New. I'll try to get some and taste it. Thanks for sharing this fine scene, George from Germany, THE land of beer.
Posted by Jason Cary on October 11, 2013 
I wish that other beer had been mine! Great idea, and picture!
Posted by Mike Danneman on October 12, 2013 
Thanks for the great comments, guys! To answer Tom; I do recall the two trains following this one acknowledging our presence with a couple blasts of the horn, most surely envious of being lakeside next to a warm fire… catching a couple of trout. Our fire was bigger and brighter by then too.
Posted by Malcolm Cunningham on October 31, 2013 
Came for the fish and caught a train? Or was it vice versa...... Doesn't really matter when you have a tasty microbrew!
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