Posted by Cameron Applegath on October 6, 2013 
Holy christ.
Posted by Moss Miller on October 6, 2013 
Wow! That is one incredibly dramatic sunset; PCA...
Posted by Jake Branson on October 6, 2013 
This is pretty incredible. Great fiery sky!
Posted by Shawn Vermillion on October 6, 2013 
Amazing photograph.
Posted by Colin N. Dell on October 6, 2013 
100 views and already 9 favorites. That just yells that it's gonna be PCA 1st place, and deserved.
Posted by David Doty Sr. on October 7, 2013 
When I first looked at the thumb it looked like the train was escaping one of the many forest fires in the western states, but this is just an amazing sunset. WMHeilman you said it right...right place, right time and I might add never to happen again. PCA
Posted by Derek Stewart on October 9, 2013 
Jeez, I live in Ohio and I am really amazed the sun came out at all for you. Awesome pic, and a PCA from me.
Posted by R. Franz on October 17, 2013 
Simply awesome. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by David Henry on September 17, 2014 
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