Posted by Jonathan Hallman on October 27, 2013 
What a lovely sight! I've often wondered about the benefits of inside vs. outside frame locomotives on narrow gauge pikes. As you point out, D&RGW went for the outside frames through the 20th century. By contrast, the EBT stayed with the more conventional inside frame. If you compare the stats for the EBT's last Mikes with the K-37s, you have two sets of very different looking engines with very similar capabilities. One wonders if the outside frames really made that much of a difference.
Posted by Billie Bell on October 28, 2013 
I've seen these two hooked up and working in all kinds of arrangements, both as DPU right behind each other, and also as pusher on the rear, but never seen them sitting side by side. Great shot, and the history lesson is as good as your picture. Appreciate them both Kevin.
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