Posted by David West on November 10, 2013 
Nice picture the only thing I don't like is the livery of the lead loco, did that livery last very long? We had some colour schemes, that just did not work on DMU's (Diesel Multiple Units, self powered passenger cars) such as when BR painted some 2 and 3 car sets in white with a blue stripe, the really showed up the dirt, brake dust etc. We also had some locos that were painter a dark grey for the engineers department. They later added a yellow band to the upper body which improved the appearance no end . It was pre privatisation of our railways. I had gotten out of the habit, of making train photos so I never saw one in engineers grey! 19 cars that's about standard length for a British fright train ! and car driver still bitch at level crossings? Do you call them grade crossing? Once again nice picture. :-)
Posted by Russell Wiggins on November 10, 2013 
That 'Kodachrome' scheme was not a favorite of mine. Thank you ICC for rejecting this merger.
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