Posted by David Doty Sr. on December 16, 2013 
Yep, winters here. What is that yellow machine on the right, Jeff?
Posted by Jeff Knadler on December 17, 2013 
David, It is a narrow gauge (not sure of the actual gauge measurement) switcher. It was used by the Atlas Powder Company, at their plant, about six miles south of Tamaqua. The Reading and Conrail (very early Conrail) used to switch "The Atlas." Atlas Powder had their own narrow gauge railroad throughout their facility. It is on display at the Tamaqua Station as part of the Downtown Historic District.
Posted by Rich Brown on December 19, 2013 
Great looking train ! What really makes it "right" is the RPO tucked in behind the power, ahead of the coaches.
Posted by Jeff Knadler on December 19, 2013 
The RPO is used as the Head End Power car and has a generator located inside. Visually, it makes a great addition to the train set.
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