Posted by SAR Connecta on December 28, 2013 
Great photo! Getting to see images like this from around the world is what is so great about RP!
Posted by Malcolm Cunningham on December 28, 2013 
Very cool, local slice 'o life image. The Cuban MX424s were one of the more handsome models using MLW/Bombardier's spartan (sometimes PLUG UGLY) carbody style.
Posted by Vic L on December 28, 2013 
I was hoping for some 1950s "American Iron" at the level crossing, no such luck! Glad you like it & glad the screeners allowed this thing on there!
Posted by Rich Brown on January 1, 2014 
Hey Vic, I MAY be wrong but that red car sure looks like a Studebaker Lark with a set of "after-market" taillights. You can still see the outer portion of the body shape where the original taillights would have been. GREAT SCENE overall. Has a real "feel" for the location.
Posted by Vic L on January 1, 2014 
Thanks Rich. Just done a quick search on Yahoo - it does look remarkably like a VIII Sedan from 1960! Thanks for that. If Cuba and the USA ever return to normal relations, I bet thousands of these old cars would return back to the US, Cuba's roads are one gigantic transport museum!
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