Posted by Gales of November on January 5, 2014 
Many times it is hard to showcase interesting trailing engines, but you certainly did it here with a fascinating consist!
Posted by Jake McGarvie on January 5, 2014 
This is definitely a Kodak moment.
Posted by BNSF511 on January 5, 2014 
Great photo! It had BN SD60M's too!? I was going to catch this train, but it passed by me in the dark and I couldn't see the train itself.
Posted by Amanda Oakes on January 5, 2014 
Great catch!!
Posted by TJ Yumoto on January 5, 2014 
this paired consist of MoPac and Virginian seem to be going to great with an even greater lashup than the past week! And a beautiful shot to captivate it all! People's Choice in my book!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on January 5, 2014 
Beautiful lashup! I sure am glad you were there to capture it for us, Craig!!
Posted by Kurt Wayne on January 5, 2014 
First time I've seen a UP heritage unit linked up with an NS one. Well done!
Posted by Craig Walker on January 5, 2014 
UP 1983 and NS 1069 have been coupled together for a while - Since late December (thanks to someone at the BNSF who understood the importance of these two, and thought it would be a unique opportunity)! They operated on several trains in the Midwest - as the sole power - and I am surprised that no one has posted photos from those days here. And, yes, this is the first time two Heritage units from two roads have worked together.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on January 5, 2014 
Seeing a Virginian-painted unit in the Mojave seems most exotic! PCA!
Posted by shanks on January 6, 2014 
What an amazing kaleidoscope of locomotives. All the more interesting considering the stark landscape as a backdrop. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Joseph T. Wagner on January 6, 2014 
Epic catch Craig!
Posted by Bernie Feltman on January 11, 2014 
Very nice, Mr. Walker (and we know who to thank @ BNSF for lashing those awesome jacks together!)
Posted by Dave Blaze... on January 24, 2014 
I am speechless. What a catch!
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