Posted by Eric S. Clark on January 15, 2014 
"End of Track" Obvioulsy Not !
Posted by on January 15, 2014 
Almost three years after the last train and the right-of-way still looks first rate, with its ribbon rail straight as an arrow as far as the eye can see, the ballast hosting nary a weed, and tie condition looking to be a mix of slightly used to new. The decision to take this sub out of service must have been sudden.
Posted by Sport! on January 15, 2014 
Punch Buggy!!!
Posted by on January 15, 2014 
I like the shot and the sign is neat. But only when I clicked on the thumbnail did I see that cool Bu off to the riht! Nice!
Posted by James Belmont on January 15, 2014 
Joseph, that car you like is a 1983 Fusca, a VW Beetle made in Mexico.
Posted by Nathan Del Porto on January 17, 2014 
I ride my bike down that trail almost every day.
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