Posted by David Doty Sr. on February 6, 2014 
Now if they could only clean up that conglomery of catenary poles they would have something. Beautiful trains- horid looking views from beautiful trains.
Posted by Tom Keeping on February 6, 2014 
Great shot, Robert! These new units look like 'mad beasts.' Maybe Amtrak should put some teeth on the front and call it 'The Iron Tiger!'
Posted by on February 7, 2014 
The AEM7s had those really fat, wide, large numbers in the numberboards, and also had a nose headlight, which kept the headlight glare away. All the features that allowed one to read the numbers and clearly identify the train better when it passed you at high speed. After we adapted such through actual practice in the field, we seem to be predictably taking a step backwards once again.
Posted by Bill Grenchik on February 7, 2014 
That's the one Biden was on, he said "We're rebuilding this railroad so that we have a global competitiveness"..Global? not sure how that can be done on a commuter rail sys. but..Nice photo, thanks for sharing
Posted by Chad Karschner on February 7, 2014 
Can't wait to start seeing these on the NEC. If I'm lucky I hope to see one when I return home for Spring Break. I bet they look great running across the Susquehanna River Bridge
Posted by Frank Shimkets on February 7, 2014 
Very cool photo, Robert!
Posted by Randy on February 7, 2014 
I agree. I don't recall the canary for the French TGV being that "busy" with that much "clutter" however, it does give a nice illusion of a tunnel.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on February 7, 2014 
Beautiful news shot Robert; not easy to do. I for one love this section of catenary. To me it shouts technical prowess and fascinating symmetrical complexity.
Posted by Craig Walker on February 7, 2014 
The color of that headlight makes it look like a model's LED lights - more bluish than usual. (I know LEDs are now used for step lights, numberboards, etc.) Great shot with great lighting!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 8, 2014 
Nicely captured!
Posted by J Gilbert on February 20, 2014 
Beautiful light! Nicely done.
Posted by Jason on February 24, 2014 
Wow that light !
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