Posted by Nscalemike on February 15, 2014 
Classic image for sure..thanks for sharing Glenn!!
Posted by Troy Nolen on February 15, 2014 
67 or 68 white Camaro there with a vinyl top and SS wheels, and I think a 68 Impala on the far right. I take it Oakland was a lot nicer back then?
Posted by Jon Porter on February 15, 2014 
Nice memory. Now even the tracks are gone. I was fortunate to have ridden it that year, in the 10-6 "Silver Palisade."
Posted by Ringo Clark on February 15, 2014 
It's a 67 Camaro, 68 Chev, 68 Ford Custom Taxi. What a Classic Scene captured here, the Zephyr and the Cars ! Life when it was Simpler !
Posted by Troy Staten on February 15, 2014 
Neat shot, I had a 68 Camaro that looked a bit like that one, The tracks are gone now but the station is still there and looks a lot nicer I believe it is an office building now. Wonderful train.
Posted by Robert Olson on February 15, 2014 
You also have The VW Bug in the far back ground near the end of The train, real nice classic picture here....Thanks for Sharing
Posted by Hiawatha Pete on February 16, 2014 
Another excellent photo from your series on the California Zephyr. Thanks for posting. Hiawatha Pete.
Posted by Seva on February 18, 2014 
That train must have really tied up the whole Jack London Square area. Although the roads might have been set up differently back then. Also, all the cars we have now will be classics someday, too...
Posted by Dave Blaze... on February 23, 2014 
Splendid look back at time never be to repeated. Thanks so much for sharing!
Posted by Nathan Richters on August 19, 2014 
I think it says a lot for this photo that it has won an award in each of the four categories available on this website. I wonder how many other photos have been accorded this honor? Congratulations on all counts.
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