Posted by Kurt Lawson on March 27, 2014 
Whacky how 844 looks bigger than 1218 in this photo
Posted by Curious142 on March 28, 2014 
That's just what I was thinking. 844 looks bigger than 1218. The camera lens must be causing a distortion.
Posted by Sport! on March 28, 2014 
What beauty is.
Posted by Dave Redmann on March 28, 2014 
The distortion is interesting--probably a very wide angle lens and a comparatively close photographer. However, 844 actually is ALMOST is big as 1218: 1218 is just 8 ft longer (122 versus 114 ft) and about 5% heavier (951,600 versus 907,890 lbs). Of course, 1218 pulls much harder: tractive effort is 114,000 lbs for 1218 versus 63,800 lbs for 844.
Posted by paul catapano on March 28, 2014 
according to wikipedia, for what thats worth, the locomotives are nearly the same weight in total.
Posted by Mordy on March 28, 2014 
There's a sense of frustration in this photo, like the engines are biting at the chomp, wanting to know what happened to their trains...
Posted by Jeff Lisowski on March 28, 2014 
Great photograph of a meeting of three railroads that would have never met like this during the steam era.
Posted by Dana M. on March 30, 2014 
To Mordy: I think you meant to say: "Chomping at the bit!"? This line up also gives the impression that these locomotives are challenging each other to a race! As to the size comparison of 1218 and 844, actually to some degree to height - 844 is inches taller than 1218, but they are comparable in size overall!
Posted by KWestRail on April 1, 2014 
Is this a model railroad scale comparison? The 844 & 1218 look a hundred times larger than 1522, which looks like a yard switcher!
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