Posted by Sport! on March 31, 2014 
Now that's some real good sight-seeing there folks!
Posted by Jake McGarvie on March 31, 2014 
I hope these car drivers have a coffee with them as this coal drag is long.
Posted by Carl Massart on March 31, 2014 
Great shot John! I was there last September the day before the line washed out. Not a speck of sunshine in sight!
Posted by on March 31, 2014 
The grade here almost looks impossibly steep. Anyone know the percentage? What a great capture!
Posted by Pete Harter on March 31, 2014 
What's the grade at that point? Whatever it is, this sure is a good display of what it means!
Posted by John Crisanti on March 31, 2014 
Thanks for the comments guys. The grade is a 2% grade. The s-curve on the grade gives it an illusion that it's steeper than what it really is.
Posted by Martin Young on April 2, 2014 
Wow, what perspective! Great shot that really captures the feel of modern mountain railroading.
Posted by AZ Mike on April 3, 2014 
Great picture. Ironically, I own a green Cherokee and a gold Camry. Neither in CO.
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