Posted by Jake B. on April 21, 2014 
This is amazing. Beautiful texture in the clouds.
Posted by Michael Harding on April 21, 2014 
Beautiful sky & reflection.
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on April 21, 2014 
Clouds stealing the show; grande picture Tom!
Posted by Jon Wright on April 21, 2014 
This is just sick. Nicely done Tom!
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on April 21, 2014 
Stunning!! PCA nominated!
Posted by George W. Hamlin on April 22, 2014 
That's a beauty!
Posted by Kevin Morris on April 22, 2014 
This pic is upside's,', who cares. It's a great shot either way!
Posted by on April 23, 2014 
Posted by Craig Williams on April 24, 2014 
Great way to make bad light look good.
Posted by J. Randall Banks on April 24, 2014 
Stunning shot.
Posted by triplebuc69 on May 19, 2014 
Beautiful image capture of a majestic Railroad in action, we love our powerful Locomotives that keep our economy running, we hope they will never die, due to undue regulations or financial burdens.
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