Posted by TallyBill on April 23, 2014 
Longtime RP fan here, newb poster. How does one attain the designation "Rodent Toaster"? Gotta be a great story there.
Posted by Brad Kindschy on April 23, 2014 
General Electric locomotives have been known as "toasters" for a while. I suspect this is due to their propensity to overheat the engine compartment and burn the paint off the car body, or perhaps because they produce more smoke or are very angular. The "rodent" comes from Canadian Pacific's terrible logo introduced in the late 90's. I say it was a terrible logo because it was impossible to distinguish the components of the logo. If you look closely inside the top of the circle, there is a beaver sitting on top of a shield adorned with a Maple Leaf. A Beaver is a rodent, so that is the root of Rodent Toaster. This particular scheme was also known as a Golden Beaver or Gilded Rodent.
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