Posted by Steve Kelly on April 28, 2014 
What are the green things sticking out of thr coal bunker ?
Posted by jeffrey somerville on April 29, 2014 
to Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4014 good luck on your journey back home to Cheyenne. it will be like going back in time for you
Posted by OT LOCAL on April 29, 2014 
Fantastic, both in photo and content and an imagining of something even greater to come.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on April 29, 2014 
I hope you were wearing your foam snorkel!
Posted by on April 29, 2014 
Green things = safety vests of crew / riders.
Posted by Sean Mathews on April 29, 2014 
Yeah.... what's in the tender and the cab?
Posted by Sean Mathews on April 29, 2014 
Wait a second..... are those people sticking out of the coal tender??? I believe they are!
Posted by NHS rail fan on April 29, 2014 
Man I would loved to seen that
Posted by Craig Walker on April 29, 2014 
Here is a close-up of the tender "load" from the first move last January:
Posted by Carl Massart on April 29, 2014 
Sweet to have locomotive 4014 on the point!
Posted by Randy on April 29, 2014 
I was there also but on a small hill between the Silverwood crossover and "Hill 582". Yea, the people in the tender were having a grand time waving at all the fans that were there on that beautiful day. What a great photo especially concidering that there was a double-stack on Main 2 just before 4014's arrival at that location! (Note the stacks in the upper left of the photo.) Great luck in timing. That stack train messed up the photos of some of the other fans that were on "The Knoll". Lucky for us, the east bound stack cleared just before 4014's passing for us and just before the arrival of the west bound stack train. What a day. Beautiful weather and a beautiful train. Another beautiful photo Craig.
Posted by AZ Mike on April 29, 2014 
How many UP employees does it take to move a Big Boy? How many were actually working on this trip?
Posted by Dana M. on April 29, 2014 
I've said it before, I'll say it again - I wish I could be out there to follow HIM home! I also wish I could be one of those lucky few riding either in the tender, or the cab. Man it's great to see him on the rails again. Even though it's going to be at least 5 years, it'll be even better to see him under steam. Thank you UP for making rail fan dreams come true. Two questions: 1) what was the load on the first flat car behind the two boxcars? 2) What is UP going to renumber SD70M 4014 since they can't have two locomotives with the same number, or will it be "Big Boy" 4014 that gets renumbered?
Posted by Craig Walker on April 29, 2014 
Randy - We were sweating out the stack train on the other main, too - it just kept going and going! I'm glad to hear it didn't block your shot.
Posted by Pedro Rezende on April 29, 2014 
great photo and location. I could feel Cajon in my trip last year, Fantastic!
Posted by Craig Walker on April 29, 2014 
Dana - The first flat carried a truck and trailer that belong to the UP steam crew. The rest of the flats were for additional breaking power.
Posted by Pedro Rezende on April 29, 2014 
Interesting it was running on BNSF Main #1. I can imagine they did it specially to the railfans because UP tracks is not so good to photograph in Cajon Pass.
Posted by Craig Walker on April 29, 2014 
AZ Mike - Not all those on board were UP employees. Some were invited guests from both the RailGiants Museum in Pomona (the former owner of 4014) and some were crewmembers of Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751. And, in answer to the question about the conflicting numbers, there is a rumor that the Big Boy will be UPP 4014 (UPP is the reporting mark for the railroad's passenger car fleet). We'll see if that is true.
Posted by John Doughty on April 29, 2014 
Great photo. Do they have a speed restriction on the train?
Posted by Dana M. on April 29, 2014 
I must add one more comment: For everyone who views this photo, take a look at all the other photos about this move. You will notice that there is a UP Police Officer riding with the group in the tender, and he is photographing everyone trackside. He's not very visible in this photo (if you look really close you can see him second from the left of last big yellow/green vest in the tender just above the "C" in Union Pacific on the side, his vest is just a small sliver, but he's there taking photos of everyone trackside), you can also see him in photo 479682 and very clearly in photo 479743. I saw him in 479743, and looking at the other photos, I can spot him taking photos of the rail fans in all the photos so far. Makes you wonder why?
Posted by John Dziobko on April 29, 2014 
Many thanks for these historic views. Please keep them coming.
Posted by Tugboat on April 30, 2014 
I see the field of foam seeds is growing quite well!
Posted by Paul Sykes on April 30, 2014 
Very nice shot of an historic occasion. Any idea roughly what speed the ensemble was doing as it approached Summit?
Posted by Darryl Bond on May 3, 2014 
Dennis L: Vote for comment of the year.
Posted by Angelo Foster on September 8, 2014 
its this the one that has been resting at the pomona fairgrounds in l.a. county for about 10yrs?
Posted by Craig Walker on September 8, 2014 
This is the engine that was on display at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds for nearly 50 years!
Posted by l1011driver on June 19, 2016 
Pedro, sorry to tell ya that the train wasn't on the BNSF tracks to "please the railfans". If you want to go to Wyoming from West Colton, the quickest way is over the Santa Fe to Barstow then back on the UP at Yermo.
Posted by Steve Larson on January 5, 2017 
I was fortunate enough along the way to see BIG BOY 4014 in Ogden, Utah. It was a time I shall never forget. I wish I could relive that day many times over. A truly wonderful photo, Craig.
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