Posted by on June 4, 2014 
Very nice. I really like the retro look.
Posted by jdayrail on June 4, 2014 
What a great idea for a photo. Very good job.
Posted by Toby Schwartzman on June 4, 2014 
Next to the door, is that plywood?
Posted by Sport! on June 4, 2014 
It's all in the presentation! (plywood excluded...)
Posted by Photoshooter09 on June 4, 2014 
Does this thing run?
Posted by OT LOCAL on June 4, 2014 
This Alco PA,could be yours if the Price is Right.
Posted by Toby Schwartzman on June 5, 2014 
The engine fires up, but it doesn't locomote.
Posted by Richard Thompson on June 6, 2014 
Julianna was certainly another one of the star attractions to the show.
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on June 10, 2014 
Phoebe Snow has a little competition.
Posted by Shooshie on August 15, 2014 
The ALCO PA1 is my favorite diesel locomotive of all time (though the E's and F's are close seconds and thirds). But this goes way beyond favorite. Beautiful picture!
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