Posted by Jim Thias on June 30, 2014 
Awesome image. Thanks for finding and sharing this one, Chris.
Posted by Red Eddie on June 30, 2014 
I love old pics with classic infrastructure in them! What a great slice of 60's Chi-Town. Great buildings, old advertisements and lots of wonderful Big Three iron on all sides.
Posted by Toby Schwartzman on June 30, 2014 
Look at that B-model Mack in the center right!
Posted by Laird Barber on June 30, 2014 
Sure looks a lot different there today.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on June 30, 2014 
I've seen a number of shots from this location over the years, but I don't think I had seen one from this era before. Fascinating to track the changes (and yet more underway right now). Thanks for uploading it!
Posted by Ron Flanary on July 14, 2014 
Notice the number board indicators with "1-104." This means it was the first section of train 104, which would be the eastbound City of LA and Challenger. In some peak traffic times, these trains (which had been combined for several years) operated as separate sections, which was probably the case here.
Posted by FrankS on February 12, 2016 
Classic locomotive set and Early Times when it was still Kentucky bourbon. Now it's Kentucky Whisky in a plastic bottle, but still good.
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