Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 30, 2014 
These are awesome, Chris - thanks for helping to preserve the memories and for taking the time to share! Wow - 4-12-2, that's just amazing. We don't see variations like this in the modern world.
Posted by on June 30, 2014 
very nice
Posted by Troy Staten on June 30, 2014 
Wow, hard to say more, great to see photos of one of these in action. Thanks so much for posting it.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on June 30, 2014 
The quality of these from so long ago is wonderful! Thanks for posting.
Posted by Toby Schwartzman on June 30, 2014 
Love the clarity of this shot. It's always a treat to see color photos from this time. Thanks!
Posted by Gary on June 30, 2014 
A real beast of a machine!
Posted by Jeff Sell on June 30, 2014 
The U.P. sure has a thing for large power! While a Challenger or a Big Boy are impressive locomotives, imagine seeing this six axle, twelve driver machine in motion!
Posted by Joseph M. Koehl on July 1, 2014 
Your collection is astounding! As an Eastern born and raised fan of all things L&N, C&O, N&W, etc... I can honestly say you've made me understand the fascination that folks have with the UP. Thank you for posting these, and really helping make a veritable treasure.
Posted by Steve Black on July 5, 2014 
Everything about this shot exudes railroading that I and miss seeing today. The giant beast pulling a long train single handedly, the variety of cars from fallen flags, the fireman and brakeman watching the photographer and no graffiti in sight. Even though this was taken years before I was born, this is what I see in my mind when I think of railroading. Thanks for sharing this fantastic shot with us.
Posted by stratfordman72 on April 22, 2019 
Beauty in the beast
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