Posted by Peter G. Chase on July 15, 2014 
Will they have to close the line, or will they do it at night in segments? This TGV is multi-voltage, right?
Posted by Viersieben on July 16, 2014 
The line will remain closed until August 24th (as I've seen tonight they have already removed some of the overhead wires). Some TGV from Geneva to Paris and vice-versa are diverted over Vallorbe; the remaining trains are replaced by buses. TGV trainsets are indeed multi-voltage; it is not the case, although they are also equipped with a small Diesel engine, for the Bem 550 trainsets (see photo ID 431922); RABe 524 trainsets borrowed from Ticino rapid transit are dual-voltage but only 15 kV AC/3 kV DC (which allowed to use them also with 1,5 KV DC).
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