Posted by Frank Keller on July 24, 2014 
Stunning, just love the reflection. An aptly named curve.
Posted by Michael Harding on July 24, 2014 
Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 24, 2014 
Spectacular photo featuring all Budd built streamliner cars with the Canadian Rockies as backdrop. Nice paint scheme, too, on the F40's. Who says Summer shooting isn't possible? Just wonderful!
Posted by Thomas Seiler on July 25, 2014 
Superb! One of my favorite locations that I've never been to yet.........
Posted by on July 25, 2014 
Absolutely jawdropping. If VIA doesn't use this photo for promotional usage they are missing out big time. PCA for me...and how this doesn't meet the SC criteria is baffling.
Posted by Jim Thias on July 25, 2014 
Wow, that is perfection!
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on July 25, 2014 
Excellent shot. Love the reflection.
Posted by Matt Donnelly on July 25, 2014 
Talk about a money shot! If I were VIA, I'd be all over this! Fantastic composition and setting.
Posted by Ron Flanary on July 25, 2014 
You guys did okay on your Canadian trip, eh...
Posted by Jake McGarvie on July 25, 2014 
PCA from me. Good to see the power running elephant style.
Posted by John Turner on July 25, 2014 
Superb !
Posted by Michael Tonne on July 25, 2014 
Outstanding! Makes me want to pack up and visit!
Posted by on July 25, 2014 
Great shot Mike!
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