Posted by jdayrail on August 6, 2014 
Although I personally would not hop a train, it does look enticing, especially with the open doors..
Posted by Sport! on August 7, 2014 
Posted by Jeff Swanson on August 7, 2014 
I agree jdayrail.
Posted by hemiadda2d on August 12, 2014 
Side door Pullman....
Posted by J Cosmo Asp on September 24, 2015 
Used to be a way to bar hop in the 60s in Oshkosh WI. The Soo ran down Division St. real slow--you could ride from the B&B down to Professors III in about 3 minutes.
Posted by Stuart Crane on December 12, 2017 
Great shot from a different time really. Security Cameras and rail workers make this a tougher challenge today. Zero tolerance for this anymore.
Posted by beano on November 13, 2018 
Look Ma no pollution and that's the solution to help save the earth. I promise not to steal anything out of a mty boxcar and enjoy the view to.Id buy a ticket if I could find the conductor. Back in the day of our youth some of us may have enjoyed a ride like this with a girlfriend or two with Chinese food to go. It may have ben fun. A friendly wave from a traveler and hey have heart America let freedom ring. Enjoy life love trains.Thanks for sharing your photos with us Tom.
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