Posted by David Stewart on August 9, 2014 
That thing will be there until the ends of the earth!
Posted by jdayrail on August 9, 2014 
That's a great (but somewhat sad) photo Joe. I remember seeing this type of Southern unit deliver grain cars on a spur to Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg, KY back in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, it is all done by truck now, taking away much of the charm.
Posted by Kibu on December 2, 2014 
I lived not far from here until roughly 2010, and can provide some information about the locomotive. The engine in question is owned by a man who leases boxcars out. Far as I can remember, he's some thirty or forty of the things (the boxcars) and uses this engine on the rare occasions that a car needs dragged up the spur he owns to a place where the cars can be worked on. The owner (to use a southern term) "Doesn't take kindly" to people photographing his locomotive or cars, and has been known to call the police on anyone seen in the vicinity of the engine with a camera. He didn't originally do this, but after a number of railfans were seen climbing on the locomotive, and were tied to vandalism of it, he began to take more drastic actions.
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