Posted by Dana M. on August 21, 2014 
New locomotives - rebuilds or not - are nice to see when they are nice and shiny. Unfortunately - these are all "remote control robots" and won't see any scenery beyond the yards they get assigned. Still nice photo Chase.
Posted by Tyler Hardin on August 22, 2014 
Great Photo Chase! there 2001-2003 are currently being tested on an interdivisional local here in Cincinnati all week. They have been getting a good work out making the 160ish mile round trip down and back on the Former L&N. It has been neat to see them as the only power on a road train!
Posted by Noah Chappell on August 22, 2014 
They can be used for Remote Yard Use Local service and Mainline use CSX 2000 is In Bruceton TN Last i heard and it is Local/Yard use.
Posted by K100DS on August 23, 2014 
As evidenced in this photo, CSX has perfected the art of transforming attractive locomotives into unattractive ones.
Posted by Mitch Cobb on August 23, 2014 
I actually like the gp38-3 a lot more than the -2. I think it's something different and we need that on the railroad. Whether it's stuck in a yard or not it'll still be nice to look at in my opinion. I'm thinking/hoping more are made for mainline travels
Posted by Noah Chappell on August 23, 2014 
The Cabs Are Built By Motive Power in Boise Idaho And The Units are Yard, Local and Mainline use if needed according to a friend of mine At CSX Huntington Shops.
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