Posted by J. Randall Banks on August 22, 2014 
Cool shot.
Posted by Kevin Madore on August 22, 2014 
Just gorgeous, Peter! That's calendar material.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on August 23, 2014 
Posted by Troy Nolen on August 23, 2014 
Excellent shot, a PCA vote from me!
Posted by David Doty Sr. on August 23, 2014 
What a fabulous photo Peter, I love those colors. PCA vote from me too.
Posted by Dave Blaze... on August 25, 2014 
Well done Peter.
Posted by Eric Williams on August 27, 2014 
Real nice! Looks like a PCA to me!
Posted by Luke A. Renish on August 27, 2014 
Posted by Wang Halen on August 29, 2014 
Absolutely stunning. Well done, sir!
Posted by AZ Mike on August 31, 2014 
This place is a photo op must, if you are visiting Southern Arizona. UP Sunset Route where Main #1 crosses over Main #2. Beautiful shot.
Posted by Joshua Jankus on September 17, 2014 
It seems almost like getting the train between you and the sun allowed you to see a deeper shade of blue in the sky above. Great job.
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