Posted by Randy on September 9, 2014 
Finding a great location for a stunningly composed photo is an art of and in itself as displayed by the numerous photos here in Railpics .net. I find that the abilities of you photographers that can use a series of sequenced lights or multiple lights at the same time to produce these images in the darkest of night are in a whole different class above and beyond the regular talent required by us "daytime" photographers. Congratulations on a stunning photo, and I can only imagine the work involved to plan and set up the lighting necessary for these types of photos, particularly this one. I am in awe of the depth of field and the consistency of the light throughout to make the image so evenly visual. I mean seriously...the bridge is over a couple of hundred feet long at a 30 to 45 degree angle to the camera and another couple of hundred feet away. Really assume. You and the other photographers that can do this type of photography are very talented at what you do. I hope that this comment isn't to long, but this type of photography deserves a lot of credit. Thank you Kevin. Now I am going to go and enjoy Dana M's album "Night Lights!".
Posted by Whisl'n Bruce on September 9, 2014 
O. Winston would have been proud of this one.
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on September 21, 2014 
Excellent night shot.
Posted by Marc on February 10, 2015 
Randy said it all. What a shot.
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