Posted by Bob Keller on September 17, 2014 
I was stationed at Grand Forks ND from 79-83 and it was pretty common to see old cattle cars with plywood inserts for use as grain hoppers. Beyond that, I don't recall ever having seen an old-school stock car in service anywhere. This is actually a pretty historic photo!
Posted by David Henry on September 17, 2014 
I've always loved the look of these cars. Thanks for posting
Posted by jdayrail on September 17, 2014 
Very interesting, Mr. Patterson. Growing up in the East, I guess I missed out on the livestock cars.
Posted by Craig Fraley on September 17, 2014 
Thanks, What a great reference photo for us model railroaders.
Posted by william ewinger on September 17, 2014 
saw them in the late 70's used to hall new ties out of the tie plant at Galesburg IL to where ever the were putting new ties
Posted by nptrain on September 23, 2016 
I can still remember years ago when they used these.. I live in Minnesota and we had a good size rail yard and there were lots of these stored there and they used 5 of these for the paper mill as buffer cars to get into the big warehouse to pull cars out.. Great memories seeing these again..
Posted by Passin Thru on March 31, 2018 
I used to haul cattle to Hereford Tx rail yard on the Sante Fe East of town in the 70s. They shipped them to IBP, Iowa Beef Packers in Emporia Ks. We loaded around 1100 hd a day on 100 ft stock double deckers. There are 1 or 2 old livestock cars outside Creede Co.
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