Posted by miningcamper on October 10, 2014 
I think N&W and Southern had a better idea running their power long hood forward once upon a time. That was better than hoping the so-called safety cab doesn't get crushed like this!
Posted by Cliff Gray on October 10, 2014 
I believe 9939 may have run her lasr revenue mile.
Posted by Tom Pearson on October 10, 2014 
Cliff, sadly, I would have to agree.
Posted by Erick Anderson on October 11, 2014 
As bad as it looks, the safety cab held up remarkably well. The roof didn't collapse and the nose didn't get driven back into the cab. I don't know if there are seatbelts on a locomotive. Without a seatbelt you're in for a world of hurt in a crash no matter what vehicle you're in.
Posted by JWash1 on October 11, 2014 
She was only 10 years old.
Posted by Andrew Robb on October 11, 2014 
So sad that the crew has to deal with this because of some truck drivers negligence. Glad they are going to recover but it's just a shame, thoughts are with you my brothers.
Posted by T.Mitchell on October 11, 2014 
Fifth accident in two years? I think it's time the town thought about rebuilding or eliminating the crossing.
Posted by Mike on February 12, 2016 
There is a special place in Hell for the guy who invented the Lowboy trailer.
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