Posted by Bernie Feltman on November 2, 2014 
Awesome photo, Bill !
Posted by Kibu on November 2, 2014 
I believe we would call this a "Well...crap" moment. Rather fitting that it's near "Puyallup ave" which can be read as "pull yall up."
Posted by on November 2, 2014 
Anyone notice the bell on a steam era ringer?
Posted by cabman701 on November 4, 2014 
So... do they just drive it back onto the rails once they get it more level?
Posted by Bill Edgar on November 4, 2014 
I did not hang around for the finale, but that is a possibility. They also may have hooked up some cables or coupled another loco to it and towed it back on track. It might be irskier to try and move it under it's own power.
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on November 7, 2014 
"Lift with your legs, not with your back."
Posted by Reynold on February 8, 2017 
The steam loco bell is a signature of the Northern Pacific.
Posted by Cody White Collection on December 29, 2019 
Quick side note:SM 7-19-72, painted cascade green at Hillyard July 19, 1972. According to the 1974/75 BN Motive Power Annual, The S is for Seattle Region then the next letter is for shops and repair tracks in this region starting with A until all shops are covered, ie if there's fifteen shops in a region, the last one will be O. There's no particular order for these shops, just alphabetical. Some other examples are C for Chicago Region, T for Twin Cities Region and P for Portland Region. So something painted at Belknap St. in Superior would be TL, 12th shop in Twin Cities Region. The Twin Cities Region used all 26 letters of the alphabet so there were 26 Shops and repair tracks. Neat little guide for deciphering BN repaints in the 70s.
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