Posted by jdayrail on February 6, 2015 
Beautiful photo of an interesting train. I just finished watching "Apocalypse WWI" and they covered the history of Czech Republic. I can't believe the iterations the country has seen since WWI when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Posted by shanks on February 7, 2015 
Unique photograph. Quite keen on understanding the mixed nature of the train. A steam loco behind the diesel loco, three cars in different shades and an observation car. Thankful if the author could elaborate.
Posted by Michal Pecanka on February 7, 2015 
Thanks for your interest. These railcars and loco are heading to big railway museum in Luzna u Rakovnika, Czech Republic. They were saved from huge railway workshops near Prague center, which were against many protests sold to big real estate company and will be unfortunately demolished in the future. The second railcar from the end was used for checking and repairing wiring. They are all very rare and unique. I have more pics of some interesting transportations, but unfortunately they always run in the morning and it´s against sun, so the quality is not the best.
Posted by shanks on February 8, 2015 
Thank you Michal, for the very interesting insight. Thanks also for informing us regarding the museum. Will make it a point to visit the museum next time I am in Prague.
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