Posted by Bill Marvel on February 9, 2015 
The classic 3/4 wedge shot is not dead! This so reminds me of the work of the late Otto C.Perry.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on February 9, 2015 
It is always great to see semaphore photos from this stretch of track. I guess, with Amtrak being the only user of these rails, that these classics are not expected to be upgraded with "Darth Vader" signals anytime soon? It will be nice to see continued semaphore pics from this stretch of track for years to come (if the train isn't discontinued, that is....).
Posted by jdayrail on April 1, 2015 
I had the great idea to visit this exact spot from my home in Texas. By the time I reached the location, the National Weather Service issued a high wind warning, red flag warning, dust storm watch, and a winter weather advisory. The sand was blowing so hard that I was afraid to take the lens cap off of my Nikon.
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