Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on February 12, 2015 
WOW!! A stunning train caught in a spectacular setting with wonderful light! It doesn't get much better than this!! PCA nominated....
Posted by hemiadda2d on February 13, 2015 
Stunning shot, James! Simply 'Grande is all I can say.
Posted by Indecline on February 13, 2015 
Very nice light.
Posted by Steve Larson on February 13, 2015 
James, thanks for showing this view of Castle Gate. Typically, it is seen from back around the bend. This sure is a GREAT picture. Thanks for your talent.
Posted by Jim Thias on February 13, 2015 
That's pretty awesome, James.
Posted by Charles Freericks on February 13, 2015 
now that is a jaw-dropping stunner, James. Nicely done.
Posted by Carl K on February 14, 2015 
What a stunning shot James. Thanks for sharing this beauty.
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