Posted by Rich Brown on February 15, 2015 
Looking at the number and appearance of the people standing around on the platform and the number of B&O personnel in / around the cab would make me think this is a "special excursion" of some sort.
Posted by Steve Larson on February 15, 2015 
Wonderful picture, Fred. How about bringing back these Fairbanks-Morse High Hood Locomotives & getting rid of the Orioles' ball park. I love progress, but let's do it in reverse this time. Bring back the B&O as well. I missed too many of these Fallen Flags. I know a few might agree with me, but fantasy or not, it would still be great to experience.
Posted by Rich Brown on February 15, 2015 
Another interesting observation, the lead car appears to be lettered "READING COMPANY" rather than "BALTIMORE & OHIO", and with that small open side door MAY possibly be a dining car. It seems the more you look, the more there is to be seen here.
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