Posted by Sid Vaught on February 18, 2015 
I got to watch this operation and it was a great one. Overhead photos look like the track is still in, except for several washouts. I thought LA wanted to put their trash in the "hole". It sounded like a good idea.
Posted by J Moller on February 18, 2015 
Thanks for the image. Note that in the early 1980's the train was called about 10 pm to handle the empties out of West Colton and return with the loads. Sometimes known as the Brown Streak (in deference to the rusty ore) the loaded train's symbol was Ferrum-Kaiser Loads or FEKAL. On second thought perhaps that was the source of the train's nickname. The loads would typically depart Ferrum with at least one helper set and add another along the way, perhaps at Thousand Palms. Three 6-axles, followed by four 60 cars back and another three ahead of the caboose would handle the load.
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on February 19, 2015 
The trash idea is dead for the moment due to fears that the refuse will leach into the water table. Perhaps when LA and the surrounding areas run out of room to bury their trash, Eagle Mountain will come forward from the back burner once again.
Posted by Sid Vaught on February 20, 2015 
I wonder what they're doing with the trash now if Eagle Mountain isn't far enough away.
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