Posted by Kit Fassett on March 1, 2015 
This is funny. I was standing in a spot about 30 feet up the road from where this shot was taken. Nothing was moving at the time. I waited 30 minutes and left. I had come from and empty Winslow yard and I knew there was nothing moving west for awhile. The wind was howling and moving trucks around on the parallel interstate about 20 miles east.
Posted by Kurt Wayne on March 1, 2015 
I was thinking about J.B. Hunt today. He died after he slipped on the ice and sustained a significant head injury (I believe he was near his 80s then) during a snow/ice storm like we've had here in the Ozarks this week, and it happened at a favorite local diner just blocks from where my wife and I had our retail store in Centerton, Arkansas. I'm guessing this picture with "Hunt stacks" overtaking "Hunt stacks" would have made him smile.
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