Posted by Mark Rosnick on March 18, 2015 
What a nice series of shots from Montana. Keep them coming.
Posted by Frank Keller on March 18, 2015 
Very cool Travis, you captured Perma Frost!
Posted by Scott Cunningham on March 18, 2015 
Wouldn't you just want this as a Christmas card? Beautiful!
Posted by trainman23 on March 18, 2015 
Great shot, really shows how great this Country is. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Carl K on March 18, 2015 
What a beautiful winter wonder land. Thanks for posting this incredible image.
Posted by Fabrice Lanoue on March 19, 2015 
Very nice winter pic !!
Posted by Grew up on the CW on March 19, 2015 
Beautiful picture! That scenery is stuff dreams are made of !
Posted by Al Lindner on March 19, 2015 
Another beauty from Montana, just like my wife!
Posted by AZ Mike on March 23, 2015 
Nice photo. Good looking train, as long as you don't have to walk it to fix something.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 30, 2015 
Everything is better with frosting! This shot is Grrrreat! Congrats on the PC!
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