Posted by Jim Husband on April 10, 2015 
One of the best photos I've ever seen of this train. Incredible shot!
Posted by Steve Larson on April 10, 2015 
Doug, I love the pic. Southern Pacific didn't seem to have the above paint scheme for very long. I think that a heritage loco would be great. It would be nice if Union Pacific agreed with me.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on April 11, 2015 
A really spectacular photo. Wonderful composition-- the curve, the twisting line in the background, and the distant hills. Add to that the brilliant color of #4449 and her attendant diesels and you have a real stunner! PCA nominated....
Posted by Kevin The Krazy 1 on April 14, 2015 
This is one of the few photos where the diesels in front arnt so bad!
Posted by Carl K on April 15, 2015 
Great shot Doug. I wsh I had been out there to see this beautiful train. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Joshua Jankus on April 15, 2015 
When I look at the ridge in the background, it is incredibly hard for me to see this as a picture and not a painting. Can anyone refute that for me?
Posted by Bob Krone on April 18, 2015 
The shot is fantastic. I was waiting at the Tehachapi Loop with many others about then and remember the day so well.
Posted by Jim Thias on January 6, 2016 
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