Posted by paultucker1012 on April 27, 2015 
If you ever do find out, I'd love to know why they were there!
Posted by T.Mitchell on April 28, 2015 
Conrail was leasing power from just about every railroad imaginable during their first few years. Conrail's biggest problem upon creation was a huge fleet of motive power in horrible condition, most of it dating from the 1950s. The GP40Xs were probably a "captive audience" before someone at AT&SF asked for them back. Around this time, CR was also leasing Canadian National GP40-2Ws for 90 days at a time to avoid import tax.
Posted by SantaFe9820 on April 28, 2015 
I remember reading something about Conrail borrowing three ATSF GP40Xs as test units.
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